Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sunday morning

Its Sunday morning. Again. I say that because time seems to be passing so swiftly these days. No so much the nights, especially the ones when you can't sleep. Last night, it was probably because I kept thinking about the man I just met.
Yes, I admit there is a new man in my life. One, if not the, most handsome I have ever seen, although there are several who are hard to rate, so the new one wins for now.
I only saw him for a little while. Held him for a few minutes. But he's already won me over, and I look forward to him being a part of my life for the rest of it. At just under 7 lb, we have a lot of learning and growing to share. He's my new grandson, Braydon. I've had several friends warn me about what was about to happen, and Friends - you were right. And yes, he arrived yesterday, about the same time as I was posting about the effects of a Full Moon. See - 'told you.
So here it is Sunday morning. I was cold again, so I broke out the little heater for under my feet, although I would really prefer wood for the stove. Dolly is asleep at my feet, reminding me of her presence now and then with her twitching of legs and muffled whimpering while she dreams of ever elusive squirrels no doubt. Garrison and company distract me with their broadcast chatter, the only other human presence at the moment. I rally should move on to less trivial pursuits, but hey. It's Sunday morning. Hope you have a nice day too.

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