Friday, May 2, 2014

Flock to the Farm, 2014

Last weekend was the 2nd Annual Flock to the Farm. We called. They came. They Flocked. Fiber and fun.

Spinners came, and shopped for fleece in the shop.

Charts and samples of wool grades and breeds helped sort out facts.

 Longer is not always better they learned.

And, the question of the day, "what does blood have to do with it?"

There was some seious 'spind'lin' going on.

Those girls were good at spinning a yarn.

Then Don the Shepherd got on (the) board.

Some serious shearing for the spectators.

Followed by skirting.

outside up -

Then inside up.  And explaining why.

Meanwhile - what do the small ones do while Mom is talking fleece?

You have fun with sticks in the dirt.

    And then its time for 'all hands on lamb'.

"So have some fleece for sale?"

I think so.

How do you choose from so many?

It's easier when you buy 2 fleeces, and split them 3 ways.

Yup - you get Three bags full.

So a good time was had by all.  On Saturday at least.

Sunday was windy, wet, and cold. Not a great day for the family fun day we had planned.  But a few came out anyway. and we had some fun in the barn.

The last ewe lamb got sheared, so now Don is done.

And the 'Ad Rams' did their job again this year.

We'll call it successful again this year.

Now the load of extra wool has been delivered to the mill.  And several of us can hardly wait till the bats and roving and felt come home, all clean and white - and black - and ready for the next step.  Meanwhile, I'm processing some by hand.  There is yarn and felt to be made.