Monday, February 22, 2010

Fleeced again

Surely spring is near. We keep saying that, nearly every day now, and I know we are not alone. But now we have taken action! The ewes are sheared - let the lambing begin.
Shearing day has always been big. But again this year, just a little bit more exciting than usual. The girls were looking a bit puffed up in their suits, and we werent sure if the increase in size since we put them on in Oct was due to the wool, or lamb belly. Turns out, its both.
It was encouraging to note that both new bucks must be good. Which means there is a possibility of some colored lambs, and hopefully more numbers than last year. And the day passed without major incident this year - only some words and what are usually idle threats to a few individuals. And once when I had a brief moment of panic. Don was working on a robust belly, when he shouted, and straightened for a moment. I was glad I shouted back 'What?" before I ran. "I've been kicked," he repeated. "By a lamb."
That's not what I heard the first time. I was already thinking "Where did I put that needle...."
The investment in suits was well worth it. The fleeces are lovely and clean. And the Coopworth was especially impressive. At least 5 in, and only 8 months growth. And only one small hole in the suits. I'd be happy to endorse them for Rocky any day. Now for visitors and brisk sales. So we can buy more suits for next year.
I'm trying to finish up some odd jobs so I can get on with the dyeing. Scarves first, then some sampling of some yarn for a new contact. Just wish it would warm up so I could move the felting back to the sunroom. Stalky has been giving me an evil eye, as I must bother her while working on the dining room table. I am pleased with my recent experiment with birds and butterflies though. Off to town tomorrow for a few missing things.
Oh - and more positive signs - the Christmas decorations are in! Had to pull some of the greenery out of the snow, but was able to walk on the drifts at least. I've heard about some cities with fines for being this late, but I doubt anyone has even noticed it here. I put away all the snowmen too. Don't want to be accused of anything prophetical. But it is supposed to snow again tomorrow.
Now we wait for the sun, and signs we need to begin the ark.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Funny Valentine

Well here it is Valentines Day, and Mother Nature is sending us more Love. That is, if you love snow. It's been just warm enough to thaw around the edges of the few places the ground was peeking through, including the roads, which is not a good thing. This year a whole new generation is learning how to drive in mud. Some claim its a sign of the economy - that the county is short on money and gravel. We here are not so sure incompetence is not a larger factor. But whatever the cause, its not likely to get better anytime soon. Our visitors yesterday will be happy to verify our complaints.
It has been a busy week. The Sustainable Agriculture convention last weekend was great. And 'interesting'. Met several people as potential contacts, mentors, and friends. Opinions vary, but all share a concern and vision for humanity, the land, and our way of life. I managed to work on several projects, even if the results are not to tangible. Mural is progressing. Taxes are done and filed. Ad sent for the Iowa Sheep and Wool Festival. And of course, since I got a few projects done, I had to add a new one. I volunteered to make a wall quilt for the new Child Advocacy Center in Lincoln. If Larry the Cable guy can donate a million, the least I can do is a quilt. Besides, its fun. I can always use a new challenge. And, I already have several ideas. Oh - and I got a year older.
Today I get Braydon for a couple hours while the parents go for a Valentine lunch, then I'm off to an afternoon with the textile group. Nice way to spend a snowy day. Then with any luck, I can get a couple IPFU jobs done this week, and focus on new projects. Like the 25 silk scarves waiting to be dyed, and I finally got that wool to take black. So there soon will be lots of little black creatures lined up on the piano, as well as some spring ones for Easter.
So much to do, so little time. But not today, 'cause its Valentines.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Time passes

So here it is into Feb. already. The groundhog was probably right. No blame, since we figured it was likely to be a long winter anyway. I am making an effort to enjoy the few bare patches of grass while I can, because they will be gone again soon. And just when the snow had settled and melted enough I was hopeful I could get the Christmas decorations down off the fence and porch before I was tempted to add some colored eggs and bunnies and claim they were for Easter. Maybe I will anyway.
Got to spend Tues with Braydon and parents. I practiced doing grandmotherly things. However, I don't think the cooking and dishes are the ONLY things Grandmothers do. At least I hope not. I have discovered that grandbabies are a well recieved excuse not to get some other things done though.
Not being very productive today. Made a bag for myself though with the haul I made from the thrift store yesterday. Found suits and coats and even some cotton sweaters and silk shirts I hope will get transformed into spring items/bags. At half price, its guilt free buying.
Don is late getting home with the paper. Must have been another bad hog day. Something seems to be up with strange behavior of animals and humans. Weather most likely. So now I need to go find a box for the sheep and goat i am loaning to the booth at the Sustainable Agriculture Convention I will be at tomorrow and Sat. So no more posts till then. But maybe I'll get inspired. Past making lists of things to do, I hope.