Sunday, May 23, 2010

More time

I never could believe it - that line they kept telling us back when we were young that the older you get, the faster time goes. I guess maybe the clock moves at a different pace when you are dreading the social studies test you forgot to study for. Of course I know its not really true in the physics realm. And after all, time doesn't exist in the spiritual. Or maybe not at all if its only a matter of perception. But regardless, my perception of time seems to be changing.
I realized tht with Don gone to Kansas last weekend, my perception may be way off anyway. This is the 3rd weekend in a row that I have been left to my own devices and diversions. I have got a lot of little jobs done. I've mowed grass -3 times-, planted seeds, pulled weeds, painted walls and ceilings and silk scarves, needled on felt and nursery frills, and washed socks and sheets and fleece. Today, I'm dyeing again. But rest assured come 5:59, I will be settled in for the evening with home made pizza and a pile of handwork ( anyone out there know how many ties are on a set of bumper pads?) that probably wont get done, because I will be getting 'Lost' one last time.
Questions. Confusion. 'Lost' is probably a more true vision than any of us would like to admit. I know there are many days when I'm not sure where I am, or why. But I do know I am here for a purpose.
There is but a fine line between searching for the meaning of life, and the discovery that it's the searching that gives life meaning. Pretty deep stuff for an August-like day in May. It's that time of year. Last days of school. First days of summer. Memorial Day predictable storms. Time passes quickly. Outside my window, banks of white bow and bend in the wind. Spirea now. Seems like just last week it was snow.
Tomorrow is another 'signpost' day. Will post back with pictures when I can.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Things Done

It has been a busy week here. And thankfully, the end to a few projects. The big one was the mural. I realized it was nearing a year since it had been given the green light and I had physically started on it, and I like to never pass the year mark. So a date was set at the Library, and things started to move. Last Sat we borrowed a Uhaul truck, and took it to town. Still havent gotten used to walking into the shop and being able to see out the west window.

The big event was Wed. Official 'unveiling ceremony - complete with Librarian and I pulling down the black cloth, and the expected 'aooooooh' following. I've had gallery shows before, but that part was a first. Now waiting to see what the newspaper will have next week, and if I get many comments. The few who are still alive who remember the building seemed to be very impressed, so at least I got that part right. As an artist, I am very self critical, and it bothers me just a bit in knowing that there are parts that could have been better technically, but I was committed to painting it to be a depiction of the story, not as architecturally accurate. After all, all I had to go on was a postcard from 1920. So I'll stop beating myself up about that.

Another milestone passed - we now have more than 60 lambs, (I think its 65) and the last one is on the ground. They seemed to drag on forever this year, and we're not sure why. It has been mentioned that if the black ram lambs arent sold, one could end up being a teaser. That would be a double bonus - more lambs, synchronize the ewes, and I get the fleece too. Don is still enjoying the lambing season. He watches the lambs while the water runs (and lambs are always fun to watch play regardless), but he seems to be admiring the quality of the crop, especially some of the ewe lambs.

Now its on to garden season. The newly planted gooseberries, strawberries, and honeyberries are doing well. The apricot tree is covered with olive sized fruit, the potatoes and onions and peas and corn have added green to the garden plot. (Someone is eating the tops off the beets though.) I added a number of perennials to the back yard flower garden - just for me. It's my view on the world as I sit at the computer.

Now time to move on. There are things to be left and gotten in town this afternoon. I always seem to be one part short when working on my personal projects. I'm currently redoing a family high chair for Braydon. Will post pics when its done.

Happy Mothers Day to all mothers and to-be's. Back to haveing to share the limelight this year. But thats ok.