Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Seasonal visitors to the farm

So, the lamb count is lost somewhere.  I stopped asking after it hit somewhere around 115, and the lamb drop slowed considerably. About 15 ewes left, including some of the ewe lambs that are pregnant. Been averaging one or two a day. The excitement has dwindled, and is edging into boredom, and the urge to just get it over with and move on.

The recent visitors were still excited by the babies though. First were the girl scouts, who came a couple of Saturday mornings for the Artventure Project. 

 They made felt, dyed it with kool aid, and made flowers.

And of course they had to meet some lambs.

Some even had shown lambs in 4-H, but few had ever seen true black ones.

 I made the green felt for the leaves, and the blue 'vase'.

The completed bouquet  will be sold at the upcoming fundraising event for the ArtVenture program.

Nice work girls.

And the title -  "Thanks o lot, and maybe next year we'll make Samoa."
 Then on Easter, the grandkids all got to meet some of the new members of the flock.  The older ones were only mildly impressed. Its not like they've never seen a lamb before.

But Max hadn't!  He was mesmerized. Or maybe he was attracted to the similar ears.  What a jolly little bunny with lamb.

More news soon. I even have pictures taken. But in the meantime, things are popping up all over.  The garden planting has begun, even if spring is very late.
No signs of potato green yet. The grass, however, with the help of the recent cold rain (yuck) is visibly taller each day.  The fruit trees are pruned. Almost ready for real spring.

Doing our best to get ready for the big event - the first spring  "Flock to the Farm".  Shearing, wool handling, spinning and more. Baby Lambs everywhere!  Garden preview, sustainable and intensive grazing practices. For families, fiber folks, and any wanting a day on the farm.  All welcome if you can get here.  There will be a report after the event of course.

Visitors are always welcome.
Hope your spring is as 'Hoppy' where you are.