Friday, January 21, 2011

21 days

Well, good intentions don't always turn out so well. I have blogged many times over the past 21 days, but only in my head. While lying in bed, trying to go back to sleep. I guess my age has caught up with me, and I have had sleep issues that have gotten much worse lately. I have often considered just getting up and doing something, but darn - its COLD at 2:00.

So while I'm procrastinating a walk to the mailbox (I did get my sales tax form done yesterday) I'll add a quick post. It's snowing, and about 9 degrees.

One of the big events recently was Dolly making it into the 'Happy Tails' book - 'Lost Souls: Found'. It turned out well. She got a prime placement right in the middle of the book. I opened it to her page the first time I picked it up. The other dogs stories are sweet, some poignant, some sad. Of course I'm as biased as a parent would be, but I am proud of the fact that Dolly's story is real. That she is at home in both place and role - as a dog. While she continues to root her cold wet nose into our hearts, and is securely established as a member of the family, she remains -by her preference - to be a dog. She prefers to lie on the little hill by the garage watching over her domain -when the weather allows - over any housebound activity. Her favorite time of day is chore time. And, the barn cats, squirrels, and birds are fun, but the sheep are still what holds her eye. And thats the way it should be.

Dolly is restless again this morning. The cold and snow has shortened her ventures outside. So instead, she is pacing the floor and wanting me to play, bringing her toys to lay at my feet and crunching her water bottle, while watching the squirrel outside the sun room window.

I should follow her example, and be just a little bit more like a Border Collie. And go do SOMETHING.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year, new start

1-1-11. Nothing like starting (or starting over) with number one.

Heart felt apologies to those who may have noticed I have been absent. Sorry, but I can only claim the feeble excuse that life must have gotten in the way. So much has happened since my last post of over 6 months ago. There is no way I can fill in all the details and give them justice, so I'll cop out and just mention them. Probably a means of self justification.
In July, Don's father passed away at the age of 92.
Our first Grand daughter arrived 2 days later. Aurora Devin has been lighting up all of our lives and hearts since.
Aug was hot and busy. Since we dove into the business of Farmer's Marketing our extra garden produce this year, Thursdays were always full.
In Sept we packed up the van and headed west to Scottsbluff and the fiber festival. I taught a needle felting class while Don set up the booth. A full weekend of new friends and ideas.
Oct was the big adventure - travel to Idaho, cousins, canyons, mountains, plains, waterfalls, and the Trailing of the Sheep Festival. More new friends and ideas.
Nov was quickly filled with trips to Kansas and closing up the McClure farmhouse, as it has been sold. Note - it is not really recommended to leave 3-4 generations of life accumulation to be sorted through by the descendants. I've already started sorting what I can.
Dec of course was a rush of last minute orders and preparations for Christmas. First year for the little ones, so it was noteworthy. And, when family members started dropping with the 'Black Santa flu, it brought back memories of 2 years ago. Happy Anniversary to Rhett and Renee.

So - I guess thats the short list. Some of these subjects probably deserve to be brought up for pondering at a future time. One could hope for a 'slack' time when I would need a topic, but somehow I doubt that will happen.

2011 is already promising to be another year of great change in our lives. Another Grandchild. Business ventures. Classes to teach. More friends, both new and old, than we can hardly keep count of. Even living the simple shepherds life in these modern times seems to be slipping by at a faster pace. Shearing is just a few weeks away, lambs soon to follow. (And yes, I think Don is already getting excited.)

As for the blogging, I'm setting my goals just a little lower this year. I'll try to do better with keeping up, but the content may change a bit. A little more factual, and on a more regular basis would be prudent. But then, I do both enjoy and benefit from the more creative script.

So I'll see what develops. I do anticipate a good year.

Best wishes to all, on all the ' 1's.