Thursday, February 4, 2010

Time passes

So here it is into Feb. already. The groundhog was probably right. No blame, since we figured it was likely to be a long winter anyway. I am making an effort to enjoy the few bare patches of grass while I can, because they will be gone again soon. And just when the snow had settled and melted enough I was hopeful I could get the Christmas decorations down off the fence and porch before I was tempted to add some colored eggs and bunnies and claim they were for Easter. Maybe I will anyway.
Got to spend Tues with Braydon and parents. I practiced doing grandmotherly things. However, I don't think the cooking and dishes are the ONLY things Grandmothers do. At least I hope not. I have discovered that grandbabies are a well recieved excuse not to get some other things done though.
Not being very productive today. Made a bag for myself though with the haul I made from the thrift store yesterday. Found suits and coats and even some cotton sweaters and silk shirts I hope will get transformed into spring items/bags. At half price, its guilt free buying.
Don is late getting home with the paper. Must have been another bad hog day. Something seems to be up with strange behavior of animals and humans. Weather most likely. So now I need to go find a box for the sheep and goat i am loaning to the booth at the Sustainable Agriculture Convention I will be at tomorrow and Sat. So no more posts till then. But maybe I'll get inspired. Past making lists of things to do, I hope.

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