Saturday, January 16, 2010

Here I am.

Well, after months (or maybe years) of intention, Here I am, posting my first Blog. I'm making no claims as to subject, frequency, tone or expectations of any future posts. But I have taken a liking to fresh starts, and an a believer in Baby steps. Since its now 2010, there is no better time than the present. I have long intended to blog about my artwork, the business, and life in general. And it's a given that the coming weeks and months will be exciting and full of change, so I am certain to have plenty of subject matter - like a new grandson, shearing and fresh CLEAN wool to work with, and, though I'm sure some will wince (and I know who you are) at the mention, I always look forward to March when the first lambs appear. Maybe its age. Maybe just a comfort zone. Doesn't matter, long as it works. And it does for me. Right now I need to gather some self control and open the file drawer at my left elbow. I have an appointment with the tax lady. I keep telling them that I don't need to do it so soon now that the days of FASFA filing are over, but they keep putting me in early anyway. Good side is that it makes me do it. After all, the sales tax forms are due in anyway.
I really do like to write. Watch for posts as they are sure to get more interesting as the days pass. Happy sunshine to all from 'Us

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  1. Hi Rhonda! I am so glad you finally got your blog up and running and good luck with your posting. I know it can be hard to keep up with the posting. I to have a hard time with keeping up with the posts. Jody