Saturday, January 30, 2010

Full Moon

I an a firm believer in the Full Moon. Not that I'm into the latest craze and fascination with werewolves and vampires, but rather that we as humans are as affected by the lunar cycles as the sea. And not so much as a belief as experience and observation. Iv'e been around plants, animals, and kids long enough it would be strange to not have noticed a connection. I even felt it yesterday. I was restless, and found it hard to concentrate. I couldn't seem to find much I could really work on, and actually feel like I was accomplishing anything. Of course, it was Friday. And in addition to the common opinion of Friday afternoon work, I still carry remnants of my long passed on Great Uncle. He was a firm believer in an old adage (or superstition) that 'Anything you start on a Friday will never be finished.' Sometimes that comes in handy.
The feeling carried over into the evening. I was already a little cross. I was cold all day. There was some satisfaction during the afternoon, since the sun was actually out long enough to be felt. We even followed the dogs lead and moved to the sunroom, which was quite effective with the solar heating. If you moved along the couch to follow the sun, it wasn't all that bad. It was interesting to note that while the temperature huddled around 12 F, the one room of the house that has no heat ducts was the warmest. Guess all the research on roof lines and sun position when planning the sun room paid off. By evening however, I was huddling under a blanket watching bad tv, hands too cold for computer work. Never thought I'd be sitting there hoping for a hot flash. And then, after a break down of resolve, I indulged in an uncommon treat of some popcorn. Bad mistake. Paid for it double - caloric intake, AND a broken tooth. I expect news of an impending crown. At least its not painful, only annoying, so can wait till Monday.
But, I did observe the full Moon. Its kind of hard to ignore here, when the rising moon is visible from several of the east windows. Despite the deepened chill, I went out twice to take pictures. Then got another early this morning on the western horizon. Just one of the reasons we choose to live here.

Oh - and on the dyeing front. The batch is, well, mostly black. Not really, really black, but it will maybe do. A little is only gray, but at least there is no purple or green. I may try processing it again when I have time. But I hope to have other business to occupy me for a few days.

Be back soon.

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