Friday, January 22, 2010

S.A.D. week

No, nothing bad has happened, to me at least. I admit that I have had a few brief impulses to attend to my blogging, but then it would pass before I got to it. I'm blaming outside forces. Haiti. No fire in the stove to watch. (Because we are running low on wood, and saving it in case we really need it, like some in Iowa.) The sniffling, hacking, and moaning of my mate in the big brown chair. (Which has at least subsided, TG.) But mostly, I think its the gray. I hate to think i have reached the age where I even bother to complain about the weather, but really. Enough already. Even the news is talking about Seasonal Affective Disorder. I was aware of it before, and believe it is a real problem, and I have seen its effects, but it seems to have hit hard this year.
I enjoy the landscape when there is snow on the ground. The way the trees and roofs and fence lines etch their own silhouettes on the clean white canvas. But I prefer blue sky, even if it is pale from the cold. Even when it was below zero and the wind carried a mist of snow, the yellow reflections of sun seemed to warm the view, or at least the soul. Today there is no horizon. The line between earth and sky is blurred yet again by a blanket of fog. Not as heavy as it has been, so maybe just a sheet. But its depressing, all the same. I'm hoping the predicted rain will happen tonight. Even though it will mean muddy sheep and dirty snow, which aren't happy things, I think its time for a change. Although rain in January is not a lasting change, it offers hope. After all, its only a month passed the Solstice, and already the days are noticeably longer. Isn't it already spring somewhere?
On a positive note - blogging does appear to hold yourself accountable. It took me a few days, but I am proud to say I have attacked the file drawer. I purposely gutted a few files, and sorted the contents in piles strewn about the living room floor. That way, when I get tired enough of seeing and walking over them, I am motivated to do something with them. It took 3 days. Well, some of the piles remain, but I have done all I can for the time being with the tax organizer. And, as usual, the despair of the bottom line will soon be numbed by the satisfaction of having the worst of it over with. My life long achievement goal of having 'made it' has been to have a personal book keeper. Sigh. Maybe next year.

Well, I'm off now. An exciting interruption of the list of chores - a trip to town to mail an Etsy sale (Yeah), and buy more cough medicine for the mate.

Motto for the day - Since life takes up all of your time, you better make it worth it.

Make your gray days good ones.

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