Sunday, March 23, 2014

Its that time....

Lots of things happening out here on the farm. I had a big birthday, but it took two weeks for the party to happen. Good to know I'm not the only slow person in the family. Or not really slow, just too much going on. Anyway, I got dinner and a cake, and this collective picture with the Grandkids just for turning 60 years old!

It's now March 23rd.   Spring is officially here, according to both calendar and barnyard.

With the art side barely under control, some farmy things have gotten done too.  Don found and borrowed a neighbors skidsteer, and the barns got cleaned out. Then the sheep-poo-poo mountains got spread onto the temporary pasture. Then the rest of the pasture got fertilized with nitrogen from the Co-op.

And the shearing got done. - see associated 'eweandus-practically' blog post for details.

And the invitation for 'Flock to the Farm' has been drawn up and emailed to most.

Seeds are sprouting (hopefully) under the light in the sun room.

Newest shawl is half done on the loom. And with 2 weeks before deadline - the Spirit Art Auction and Gala in Kearney.  Looking forward to seeing the Crane Brothers one more time, and saying farewell when they hand me the check. (I've been told it's coming).

Now the Lambs are here. Well, at least the first of them. Head count for the hour is 23.

This little one may only be a day old, but she already is on her mothers back. "Get off Momma's wool", her sister says.

Ruby (in the back pen) was our first born colored lamb. This year she had a nice ewe lamb to add to the next generation of fleece producers.

The first born lambs are getting their first day in the sun.

But its still cold.

She's a little one, but she's special. Looks like she will be gray, and a Merino-Corriedale-crossbred mix.

Here is a half blood Merino that looks like one. All those wrinkles should make lots of wool.

Sorry little ones, but I don't think you're ready for hay yet.

So - there's the lamb report for now.

More lambs and maybe some snow tomorrow. Sure glad we didn't start lambing any sooner.

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