Saturday, January 7, 2012

Braydon visits the farm, and another year begins

So Christmas has come and gone. Without a lot of fuss around here. Since it was an 'inlaw' year, Christmas day was pretty quiet. Don at work, Dolly and Stalky and I hung out, enjoying the wonders of real Christmas music via Pandora, enjoying the fire and twinkly lights. Not bad, all in all. But we did venture off for supper with the Fujans, where I recieved the unwanted gift of the Christmas virus.

Fortunately, it didn't kick in for a few days. Because Braydon came for a visit. 48 hours of boy toddler. No time for sneezing. Since the weather was so nice, we got to spend some time outside. Braydon is finally old enough to do some serious exploring.

Of course we had to help with chores. Braydon directed the munching ewes with his new found toy.

The only snow left was a heap from the driveway clearing.

"Silly Dolly Dog," you could almost hear him mutter. "Daddy told me you don't eat snow."

The drifts of leaves were great fun though, because they rustle when you walk.

Braydon is learning new words every day. Being a boy on the farm, this one came easily.

"Stick!" he proclaimed without prompting. Then proceeded to 'write' in the dirt.

And discovered it makes a happy clattering sound when you beat it against the panels.

"What da ya mean, Grandma don't allow no sticks in the house?'

And while 'helping' Grandpa do chores, they stopped for a 'ride' on the old gray tractor. "Tractor' was also a new word. And possibly how 'Grandpa Tractor' got a new name.

After the 'ride' Braydon and Grandpa had a serious discussion of safety on the farm, and the high price of tires.

2 nights and 2 days, Cinnamon apple pancakes, books read, and much fun. Old toys played with by other little boys long ago were dusted off and drove once more. And the old Fisher Price doll house garage door goes up and down, up and down, and the front door bell still rings.

Then when the allotted time ran out, Grandma Fujan came for Braydon. It was their turn for a couple days of Braydon fun.

And the next day, the Virus took hold. And held through New Years, which was really Christmas. By then, I was really stuffed up and confused. But it was a good time with the kids and grandkids all home for supper at the farm.

So its now Jan, and we are well off the blocks in another year. Many exciting new plans are already beginning to unfold. There will soon be sheep to shear, and lambs to be born. Here's hoping for a truly Happy New Year for all.

Happy New Year Everyone.

Oh. And I am grateful to Dr. M, who gave me antibiotics even if I didn't have strep throat. I'm feeling much better now.

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  1. "Nature stays in nature." Braydon knows that sticks stay outside!!!! :)