Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sunday afternoon

Its a beautiful day here. After the incessant heat and humidity of July, a cool pleasant start to August is almost too good to be true. A little unsettling even. But not to be pondered today. The highly productive plans have been set aside. The sunshine and gentle breeze are calling. So what to do? The fluttering outside the office window caught my attention. Time to check it out.

The bush happy resides at the corner of the house, in clear view from the window where I sit at the computer, the flower garden and patio just beyond. I have been noticing the movement, the dark fluttering, for several days. On closer inspection, I discovered it to be butterflies. Very small, dark butterflies cover the blossoms. Other insects share the sweet nectar. bumble bees, large flies, and a few larger orange and black butterflies stop for moments, and then are gone. But the tiny ones seems to stay, or at least only move short distances at a time. Their dark wings nearly the same size and the creamy pinkish petals, it appears as if the flower spikes themselves are exchanging grayish petals, from one column to another.

The sun is warm and glowing on petals and wings.

Then, camera in hand, Dolly and I went for a walk.

We went to visit the new girls. Four Romney ewe lambs are the latest addition to the Ewe And Us flock. Labeled 'cute' by the head flockmaster, they are indeed. Their wool is already 4 or 5 inches long, and although probably too coarse for my needle felting, I look forward to sampling their fleeces for spinning. They will be good company to the Coopworths in the spinning fleece production line.

Then we said 'hi' to the keeper pen. Well, I did. Dolly had gotten bored, and was of exploring. The girls here (oh - sorry - and 2 boys) were just hanging out, also enjoying the cooler weather.

As were the other lambs, in the generous shade of the Mulberry and Oak trees.

And we checked out the garden progress (and decline) The flowers are doing well. The rest of the garden I will leave for another post.

So now maybe its time to sit here in the garden with the butterflies. Yeah sure. There is still work to do.

Tomorrow maybe.

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