Sunday, May 22, 2011

Promises of Summer

It's finally here. Maybe. Summer that is. Just came in from a round of mowing. Got to get out and do it quick while the sun shines. And, despite the nice breeze, and it's only about 75 F, I actually got hot. At least in the sun. But its really a very nice day, and the Iris, Spirea, and the first of the poppies are enjoying the sun.

Time is sliding by so fast. I realized this week that the Iowa weekend is approaching, and I haven't taken very good pictures of the sheep yet. I need one for the photo contest. Might as well participate to the fullest while we're there. so I was looking through my collection, and found this one thats kind of cute. Titled "Pleeeease Ma-Maaaaa?" It might do.

Otherwise, I have been very busy, and its not looking like it will let up until after Iowa. Painting for Rhett and Renee. Another small job to take care of. Entries for The Black Sheep Gathering Show. Felting class. Company. Memorial day trip to Comstock. (It's my year.) Then the nursery painting and other items to finish. All the while felting and dyeing as fast as I can. And then the Quilt Center calls for more! But I'm not complaining. Its all good.

Meet the newest of the 'Ewes'. I had a call awhile back from someone I knew who was getting out of the sheep business. My gain. We got the new colored buck we really needed, plus some bonus ewes and lambs. This is one of the ewe lambs, and as soon as we get her changed into a larger suit, she will fit right into the flock.

Need to get out in the garden yet today. Have some New Zealand spinach seed soaking, and rows are ready for it. Have to plan ahead again this year. So far we have managed to get things in before the rain comes. Is wet again, after the 3 in or more, but at least its not flooding here. And the world didn't end either. So we're all still here, and happy for it.

Back to the mowing, and a glass of tea on the freshly cleaned porch for a reward. All welcome to stop by and join me sometime. Welcome summertime.

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