Thursday, March 24, 2011

They're here!

The lambing has begun. Tuesday morning I heard Don leave for work. Or rather, I heard the sheep when he left. I figured there was something up because they are usually not that loud when just let out of the barn. So, when I did the first barn check that morning, there was a ewe and lamb in the first jug. Nothing else was going on, so I put Dolly in the kennel for the day, and went to town for nursery shopping with my daughter in law.

I drove in a terrible but brief rainstorm on the way home. Don and Dolly were in the house, where they had taken quick cover as the storm was hitting just as Don got home. He said he thought there were probably more lambs in the barn, but he hadn't taken time to look.

So, we both went out to check. Sure enough, numbers 2 and 3 had arrived. Both singles, a buck and a ewe, but BOTH BLACK! Well, one was spotted, as you can see. What cute little things lambs are, regardless of the color. And, like last year, the first ewe lamb of the season has a name. She has little black circles in the white around her mouth, so I started calling her Dimples. We'll see if it sticks.

Meanwhile, back at the house, other progress was made. Shortly after returning to the computer to post the pictures on FB,, Dolly emerged from her spot under the end table by Don's chair. She looked at me strangely, and shook violently in a wave like action typical of wet dogs, in a progression from head to tail. Then she blinked hard a couple of times, and rolled her eyes as if to say " What day is it? I need to get back to work." Which she promptly did. As if just waking up from her 5 day sleep, she wanted out. She watched Don finish chores. She laid at our feet while we ate. She moved back to her usual place in the office for her evening nap.

Wednesday morning, she was at the shop door waiting to be let out. She went on her usual morning rounds. Throughout the day, she followed me around the house, and occasionally wanted out to check the sheep. The afternoon visitor sent her into a frenzy. (She has always loved Kathy). She paced and fret because Don was late getting home, and then went with him to do chores. It was like magic - our dog was back. She goes back tomorrow to get the staples out if we think shes ready. I think SHE thinks she is. But she still hates her sporty blue coat.

Back to the lambs - the noon check today found a set of twins. White, but up and running. I put them in a jug with their mother, since 3 other ewes were trying to claim them. Maybe there will be more later today.

But at least its starting out to be a good season. Live lambs. Black lambs. And Dolly is back with us.

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  1. Wow!!! They are so cute!!! Love the spotty one! And I'm so glad Dolly is better.